This Creepy Historic and Real Haunted Ashland Hotel in Oregon

The peerless hotel in the Southern Oregon

If you looking for a hauntingly wonderful spot to remain this fall in Southern Oregon, The Peerless Hotel is the spot to be. This once abandoned building built-in 1900 was reestablished in the 1990s and turned into one of the most tasteful boutique hotels in Oregon, and added to the National Register of Historic Places. During your remain, you may see or feel the lodging’s resident ghost Amelia, yet don’t worry, she seems to be friendly

Elegant And Creepy, Hauntingly Beautiful

The Peerless Hotel was once known as The Peerless Rooms and was built in 1900 in Ashland Oregon to house regular workers people. Single room inhabitance used to be the standard in the common workers, and The Peerless Rooms were reserved until the railroad was re-directed to the nearby town of Klamath Falls and the need for laborers evaporated in the place. The Peerless Rooms was relinquished until the 1990s when another owner affectionately reestablished it into the prettiest memorable boutique hotels in Oregon and renamed it The Peerless Hotel.

The Peerless Hotel offers visitors modern amenities and solaces in a memorable setting loaded up with the ageless elegance. You’ll appreciate the privacy of a hotel with the customized administration of a Bed and Breakfast. The lodging is just a garden separated from the breathtaking Peerless Restaurant and Bar, which serves up astounding food.

Ashland is a unique place to visit, and many come to see the Oregon Shakespeare Festival every year, just as the excellence of Lithia Park (particularly in the fall). Different things guests like to do are a stroll to the adorable shops and boutiques close by and visit the nearby art galleries and day spas. The Peerless Hotel is just three squares to downtown and six squares to Lithia Park, so it’s the best spot to stay when visiting Ashland.

Visitors have full access to the lobby, the sunroom, and private yard, and the garden imparted to the Peerless Restaurant.

Historic And Haunted

From shaking door handles to entryways being pummeled that weren’t open in any case, and leftovers of rock which was being utilized to make tombstones, there’s a spooky tastefulness that penetrates The Peerless Hotel. Staff and visitors regularly report experiences with a ghost named Amelia, however, they note the phantom appears to have no evil goals and individuals feel settled when they experience her. At the point when the lodging was being redesigned during the 1990s, a visionary went to the hotels after reports of nearness and said the specter appeared to be content with what was being done to the building. In-Room Three a visitor saw a specter behind her in a mirror over an exquisite old dresser. What makes the experience considerably creepier was that the lady had never heard that the lodging was spooky, so she wasn’t hoping to turn upward and see a ghost in the reflection.

Between the excellence of the historic hotel and the secretive ghost, The Peerless Hotel is a phenomenally awesome place to remain.

The Peerless Hotel Information

  • Location: 243 4th St., Ashland, Oregon.  The restaurant is located at 265 4th Street, Ashland, Oregon.
  • Contact: 541-488-1082
  • Website:  You can also keep up to date on their Facebook page.
  • Please note: Ashland charges a 10% room tax that’s due at the time of attending.  The hotel doesn’t allow children, smoking, pets, or holding parties and events in the rooms.  From March 1st to October 31st your room includes an amazing served breakfast.

Have you ever stayed at The Peerless Hotel before? Have you experienced Amelia the ghost? Tell us in a comment and tag the friends and family you need to go with!

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